I am honoured to help lead our city council team for the past thirteen years building on the vision that is Airdrie. 
 Karen and I have been proud to call Airdrie our home for 22 years. Connor and Quinn-Marie have been able to grow up in a safe city full of community and opportunity. My focus, in these challenging economic times includes:​ guiding our city's growth, ​maximizing the use of our limited fiscal resources and working towards a new library
Let me know what you envision for Airdrie!  Contact me:403-862-2035 or kellyhegg@hotmail.com  

 Please check back often for updates and additions.  Be sure to check the issues page for current happenings in Airdrie. 
A Strong Voice for Airdrie!
What is most important to you about Airdriesmall town feel
recreational facilities
arts facilities
good value for your tax dollar
opportunity to start a business
adequate schools
health cooperative medical facility
community sustainability
affordable housing
post secondary opportunities
revitalized downtown vision
new library
  Kelly Hegg
  City of Airdrie