Wellness Care and More Schools -  Much is being said about the ability of a city council to provide these services.  While these essential services are the responsibility of other areas of government, namely at the provincial level, it is our responsibility to advocate as strongly and loudly as possible for our citizens on issues of such importance. 

Tax Increases(or not...) -   Our property taxes are among the lowest in urban Alberta.  The annual city budget comes to council after being vetted through the finance committee that includes members of council and senior staff. Council then decides what the budget will look like and votes on it.  As a city, we lead the pack in terms of minimal tax increases in our grouping with Alberta's mid-size cities.  Each member of council and staff are taxpayers as well and wish to keep taxes as low as possible to maintain our Airdrie advantage.  We need to continue to expand our tax base working to find an equitable balance between residential and commercial properties.

New Public Library - Together with the Airdrie Library Board, we are working towards a new library with the formation of a joint building committee.  

Roads -  We are pleased that construction is complete on 24th Street and rail crossing in Mid-town. Look for the new left turn on northbound Sierra Springs Drive and 40th Ave. to Main overpass as well.  Via our master plan continued expansion of our existing infrastructure, throughout Airdrie, will help keep us on the move.

Sustainability - We have a  vision for Airdrie.  This  vision statement guides our work in helping to make our way of life, economy and environment a sustainable one for our growing city.  It will also be our check-point in helping us assess our direction as we continue to move forward. Let's work toward a revitalized downtown!
Airdrie NOW! -We have a strong economic development strategy and format to attract new business and help our present businesses to keep on the cutting edge of meeting the challenges of today's market head-on! Visit the website to help connect you -  AIRDRIE NOW 

Growth - Census figures continue to astound us all!  Over the last three years Airdrie has created a revisioned Intermunicipal Development Plan to guide our physical growth as we look to expand inside  our new borders. This plan, developed with much public input is called Airdrie One.  Working with our neighbours in the County of Rockyview  we were able to work out an annexation agreement that added an extra 12 000 acres to our city.  It is important that we set the agenda as to how those lands will be developed to meet the needs of all our citizens.

Anti-Bullying -  We have unanimously passed anti-bullying provisions in our public behaviour bylaw that will serve as a tool for both education of anti-bullying and penalties for those who harass and bully others, both children and adults.

Post Secondary Opportunities - Our city needs to continue to actively look for partners who will be able to provide choice and opportunity for post-secondary options for life-long learning in our community.