my priorities

Ongoing Goals for the City of Airdrie

When I was first elected in October of 2004 my goals for Airdrie were:

Infrastructure - to get traffic flowing again by improving our roads, over/underpasses and intersections.  While we have been able to increase traffic movement, we are continuing to see an increase in traffic volume.  We have widened major thoroughfares added traffic lights and convinced the provincial government to improve our linkages at the south and north parts of the city.  We still have a long way to go.  Health Care - This was one of my main reasons for running for council in my first term.  We only had a couple of clinics then and extended hours meant Saturday mornings, if you could survive the lineups.  While we were able to get a 24 hour facility where we can go for less serious injuries or non-emergency care. We are planning for a new and exciting idea - a health cooperative! ​A people centered facility that focusses on wellness. Community feel with a progressive approach - This means improving our parks, recreation facilities, number of schools, and access to greater shopping choice.  While we have increased social programs for youth with student leadership from the Airdrie Board of Youth Affairs (ABYA), programs at our library and city-wide community fairs, we can still do more.  We have increased our shopping choices by adding both national and international businesses to our community.

While the above goals are still being addressed, I feel that we need to also focus on the following:

Guiding Growth - This is the most important issue facing Airdrie today and will continue to be.  As a council we need to ensure that we as the elected stewards of our city's resources meet and are accountable to the triple bottom line.  The triple bottom line consists of economic, social and environmental sustainability.  Our city is embarking on the AirdrieOne -  plan that will guide us closer to our vision.
Connecting Community -  We need to continue to stress the importance to our developers that parkland with connectivity helps maintain our small-town community environment.  We need to not only continue connecting our community physically through roads and an extensive pathway system, but socially as well.  We need to build on our strong volunteering culture, watch out for each other's safety and build recreational and cultural choice, including a new library, for both youth and adults.
Offering Opportunities - Using a progressive approach that provides for creativity in the way that things have been done in the past which have brought us success.  We need to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to benefit from our success by ensuring that while employment opportunities are available, so must be opportunities for affordable housing.  We need to advocate for neighbourhood schools, kindergarten to grade twelve and local post-secondary choice.  We must also ensure that we offer opportunities for economic development to both local and international business and promote their ideas for continued stability and sustainability.
A shot from our family visit to Airdrie, Scotland.  Airdrie is a quaint town nestled in a picturesque valley.