my service record

    Kelly on  Airdrie City Council

I was first elected as a councillor in October 2004 and have served as Deputy Mayor.  I have been fortunate to have worked with a diversified council team.   I have learned a great deal about the culture of the City.  Our staff, from our directors and team leaders to the front line bylaw officer or receptionist, are truly committed to becoming a leader in a good to great organization to, as they say -create, serve and care.

I have served on the following committees:

  • Chair - Community Services Advisory Board - citizen and council representation which advises council on matters related to meeting your  social services(eg. Airdrie Family Services, transit) and recreational(arenas, transit) needs.
  • Vice-Chair - Environmental Advisory Board - citizen, business and council representation reviewing/advising on waste and recycling as well as other environmental issues affecting our city.
  •  Police Committee - citizen and council representation which oversees the operations of Municipal Enforcement and the RCMP in the city.
  • Vice-Chair - Municipal Planning Commission - Citizen and council representation to provide guidance to council on how land is developed within the city.
  • Joint Land Use Committee - determine process and priority with local school boards for school sites.
  • Intermunicipal Committee - council and staff representation from the County of Rocky View and Airdrie.  Deals with issues related to the relationship between the two municipalities.
  • Finance Committee - prepare the annual city budget and monitor revenue and expenditure.
  • Citizens Advisory Board on Sustainability - citizen and council representation to create and plan to develop concepts and priorities to make Airdrie a sustainable community.  Envision Airdrie is part of the mandate of this group.
  • Alberta Plus 55 Games(2008) Initial Start-up - Citizen and council representation to organize the summer games in our City.
  • Disaster Services Committee - Staff and council representation to plan for and oversee city operations in the event of a disaster.
  • Library Board - citizen and council representation to oversee library operations.
  • Subdivision and Development Appeal Board - Citizen and council representation to hear and rule over appeals made in relation to zoning bylaws.
  • Calgary Regional Partnership - work with communities in the Calgary region to plan for sustainability for the region.

Kelly in the Community
  • Director - Airdrie Hospice Society
  • Past Coach - Airdrie Minor Soccer
  • Communications Director Ralph McCall School Council 2000 - 2004
  • Chair - St. Paul's Parish Council - 2007-2010

Kelly at Work
  • Executive Staff - Calgary Public Teachers
  • School Principal 
- Master Of Arts Degree in Administration and Bachelor of                  Education Degree