my airdrie

Take a deep breath, reflect and picture in your mind your favourite place in Airdrie.  Do you see a picturesque city nestled in the foothills, leaves changing colour in the trees as you safely walk the kilometres of connected pathways, past water where a group of mallard ducks are lifting off in unison?  Do you see a little shop where you can sit with your family to share an ice cream treat or sip on a freshly served beverage with a friend or two?  Do you see a stylish store that offers choice groceries that you need priced affordably?  Do you see you and your family entering community facilities that will allow you to play sports, read a book, catch a play or watch your children to do the same?  Do you see your children in first class K-12 schools with the opportunity to continue their studies in their post-secondary facility in town? It is about amenities and the opportunity to have choice in what you value about our city.

Did you see any of this in your vision of what Airdrie is and what it can be?  Council’s current shared vision is:

Airdrie is a vibrant, caring community rich in urban amenities and opportunities for everyone. 
We value a healthy, sustainable environment connecting people and places.

If we are going to become the great place that we envision, it means that we need to roll up our sleeves and get just little bit dirty.  We need to make sure that we raise our voices and get what we need to ensure that we have 24h urgent care, great schools and infrastructure that will provide gathering spaces for us and allow us to keep moving around safely, by car, bike or bus.  We need to work a little harder to get us to our “Airdrie”.

Are you ready to work together to move us forward?  I know I am!